Control Transformer

We offer best in class control transformers with latest technology and premium quality material. Control transformer is also known as power control transformer or industrial control transformer or machine tool transformer. Control transformer provides voltage regulation and a high degree of secondary voltage regulation during overload condition. Control transformer is essentially isolation transformer. The three characteristics of the load circuit are important with minimum voltage to operate the circuit, which are inrush load factor, total inrush, and total steady state. Control transformers are used in the electronic circuit for the constant voltage and current.

Types Control Transformer
Range 25VA - 10kVA
System Voltage Up to 1100 VAC
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Duty of operation Continuous
Winding material Electrolytic copper
Insulation Class Class "F" Indoor applications
Enclosure Protection According to request
Cooling Air Natural
Reference Standard IS 12021

Control transformers are used in inductive and resistive loads which includes heating, lighting, and motors. As Control transformers are available in different combination, they are used in following applications: hospitals, schools, commercial building, shopping centers, office buildings, industrial plants, and in high rise buildings.

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