Isolation Transformer

Isolation transformer is used to transfer electrical power from some equipment and protect against electric shock and to suppress electrical noise in sensitive devices. For the safety reason, isolation of powered device from the power source is done. In isolation transformer insulation is provided between primary and secondary windings to withstand a high voltage between windings.

An isolation transformer is mainly used for the safety and protection purpose of electronic components and the persons against electrical shock. Galvanic isolation is provided by the energy transformed with equal frequency and equal power by means of the transformer core magnetic field. Isolation transformer can be used as step up or step down transformer. Primary and secondary voltage and number of turns on primary and secondary windings are same.

Capacity 0.5 to 500 kVA
Input Voltage 415 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz PRIMARY
Output Voltage As per required normaly 415V or 220V()
Line Frequency 50 Hz ±3%
S/C Impedance 5%
Connections Delta// STAR
Winding Copper Wound
Regulation Better than 5%
Insulation resistance > 1000 Mega ohms
Duty 100% Continuous
Di-electric Strength 3 kV for 60Sec
Efficiency > 97%
Short Term Overload 110% for 30 minutes
Cooling Air cooled (Dry type).AN
No Load Losses Less than 2% of rated capacity
Load Losses Less than 4.5% of rated capacity
Neutral grounding Solid Earthing
Winding Copper wound
Common mode noise rejection ratio 120 db
Insulation material Class F CLASS
Coupling capacitance < 0.5 nF

Isolation pulse transformers are used in electronic devices such as computers to transmit rectangular pulse signal and to provide electrical isolation, specific industry power electronic devices or measurement devices. In CNC and VMC machines power supply. Isolation transformer is used in the delicate instruments.

  • CNC, VMC Machines Power Supply.
  • Delicate Instruments.

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